I am married to Margit Sandvang Larsen and have two children (Cecilie and Johan). My private life mainly is spend with the family, on the house and by playing table tennis in Søften and a little squash. I completed my Masters degree from the Technical University of Denmark in 1988 and I completed my PhD in 1995 also from the Technical University of Denmark.

I am working for the Engineering College of Aarhus (IHA) as a professor (in Danish "ingenørdocent") and I am also an adjunct professor at Aarhus University. In parallel with this is have a small one-man consultancy company called PGL Consult where I  assist companies with the use of formal methods (in particular VDM) as well as assist with producing bids, reviewing and writing different kinds of material. The first customers here are Systematic Software Engineering from Denmark and CSK from Japan.

From January 2002 till July 2005 I have worked for Systematic Software Engineering which is a high-tech software development company, where my title was "Chief Business Solution Architect". This means that I was involved with business development with a technical angle where I assisted with the conceptual solution based on an understanding of the customers challenges. I was particularly involved in the defense sector where my main project was the Joint Strike Fighter project.

Previously I was working for IFAD which is a much smaller high-tech IT company since 1989. Here I was head of the department dealing with long-term research for IFAD and consultancy and training services for the VDM technology. As the main VDM consultant I have worked with many large companies including Boeing, British Aerospace, Aerospatiale, Dassault, Matra, Alcatel and Baan. In addition to being a charge of a number of projects at IFAD I am involved with organising the VDM Workshop at the FM'99 symposium. In addition to the publications given below I have been involved in writing a new VDM tutorial book called "Modelling Systems: Practical Tools and Techniques in Software Development". Course material for the book is also available. A new tutorial book for VDM++ has been completed January 2005 together with John Fitzgerald, Paul Mukherjee, Nico Plat and Marcel Verhoef.

At IFAD I have been supervising a number of students (mostly for their final MSc thesis projects) over the years. Subsequently I have been supervising students while working at the Engineering College of Aarhus (from 2005):


1. VDM-SL Standard


3. Tool Supported VDM-SL and VDM++

4. SA and VDM

5. PhD Work

6. ConForm


7. Formal Methods in General

8. Education

9. Defence Interoperability,
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