PGL Consult









PGL Consult is a small one man consultancy company owned and operated by Peter Gorm Larsen. In parallel with running this company Peter Gorm Larsen has a full time appointment as associate professor at the University College of Aarhus. The first customers for PGL Consult are Systematic Software Engineering A/S that Peter Gorm Larsen have been employed with for 3,5 years and CSK Systems from Japan around VDMTools.


PGL Consult offer consultancy assistance in areas such as:

  1. Use of formal methods and techniques for system development with special expertise in the VDM area..
  2. General assistance for definition of technical requirements.
  3. Assistance for ensuring that IT suppliers deliver their systems according to schedule.
  4. Assistance for analyses of how most value is created by new IT development taking existing legacy solutions into account.
  5. Education in new technology.
  6. Match-making in connection with offset obligations.


Miravej 3, S°ften

DK-8382 Hinnerup


Tlf: +45 20 70 26 33